The World’s Most Innovative Medical Cannabis IP

CANNATREK has reached collaborative research and development agreements with world leading cannabinoid researchers of processing technology, to develop a safe, measured dose of cannabidiol medicine as a natural plant based treatment for chronic pain.

From Seed to Patient

A turnkey system that works

The Quality

A full spectrum of cannabis seeds are being prepared for planting using cultivars from Australian and Dutch research programs, as the first step in providing medicines to patients in need. Our strategic partner, CannTrust, are providing certified cannabis products for clinical trials and patient access in 2019.


Our Process

CANNATREK has completed the supply chain of greenhouse production through to GMP manufacturing, in providing an Australian range of pharmaceutical grade medicinal cannabis products, due for operations in 2019.  In validating our medical products, is the participation in a variety of human clinical trials.

Our Security

CANNATREK Medical operates a secure IT database for GP and specialist patient-access to cannabis medicines. Your healthcare information is at the heart of our enterprise and we will only ever use your data, with permission, to provide you with live feedback to assist your healthcare journey.


The Patient

The most important person in the medicinal cannabis supply chain is you.  As healthcare sponsors, we guarantee the most effective and safe cannabis medicines, available on the market, that have been demonstrated to provide a natural plant based treatment for pain management and other medical indications.