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Education and guidance in the cannabis plant ecosystem is now being offered by presenters in symposiums throughout Australia. The Green Guide and Help Desk are some of the projects underway to deliver open science information to carers, GPs and pharmacists to assist patient care health choices.

An Australian patient access gateway, of sponsored medicinal cannabis products

The cannabis plant provides the human endocannabinoid system with nature’s largest variety of cannabinoids that interact, lock and key, with our immune system via the CB1 & CB2 receptors.  Cannahealth is an information portal for GPs and specialists to find our more about current research and treatment products available in Australia, for their patients under health care.

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The Help Desk

  • Opening in 2019
  • WebApp
  • Telephone Q & A Hotline
  • Australian participating pharmacy network
  • Product Disclosure data

Patient Access for GPs

  • GP Network
  • Medical Research Portfolio
  • Australian Owned & Compliant
  • Friendly & Helpful Team
  • Full Spectrum MC Product Range