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The $ billion Australian medicinal cannabis plant industry, co-products and services are now being driven by regulated government licences, supply chain distribution rights and our proprietary brands.

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Diversified Revenue Streams With Medical Cannabis & Services Consolidating the Supply Chain.

The CANNATREK Group is deploying an end-to-end industry blueprint, to provide a streamlined progression into the cannabis agri-tech industry, which reduces growth risk, maximises market share and targets high value-added wellness & medicinal cannabis products. 

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Cannabis Research Engine App
  • Targeting 600,000 Australians
  • Education & Training Resource
  • GP and Patient Hub
  • LIVE Research Data Mining
Our Supply Chain
  • Licensed Researcher & Grower
  • Licensed Manufacturer
  • Licensed Importer & Distributor 
  • Academic Research Agreements
  • National Pharmacy Network
Solid Commercial Structure
  • Approved Government Licences
  • 16,000 sqm QLD facility complete
  • 160,000 sqm VIC facility under construction
  • IP Genetic Estate & Trademarks
  • Lowest Cost Australian Operator
The Product Range
  • Cannabis 1.0 Dried herbal Cannabis & Extracts
  • Cannabis 2.0 Sublingual Wafer Tablets
  • API  for Compound Pharmacies and Drug Development Cannabis 3.0
  • Medical Delivery Systems (i.e.: vaporisers, patches & capsules)